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Cruise Compete: Products & Services

Cruise compete provides an opportunity to discover the cheapest possible cruises by going through the various travel agents that readily compete with each other. Cruisecompete merely acts as the platform where a user can select among the various available cruise options. People can directly browse among the available ships as well as the cruises on Cruisecompete.

Cruise Compete: Company Background

Cruisecompete is basically a free service that only acts an intermediate and gets paid by the travel agencies for the same. The company is affiliated with Compete Ventures and was co-founded by Bob Levinstein and Heidi M. Allison in 2003. The company is located in Des Moines, Iowa and it is an independent company and neither owned nor affiliated to any travel agency.

Cruise Compete: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There aren’t any reputed and thorough reviews on but still the public thinking can be heard via the various forums discussing about Cruisecompete. Most users have been satisfied by their use of the website but still there is a word of caution floating around regarding the status of travel agents going wrong. Still, the site keeps its hands clean by simply refraining from any kind of interference in bookings and that’s why it receives thumbs up from the users. Still, the site is listed and praised among many others in the travelling industry.

Cruise Compete: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness hasn’t been accredited by the Better business Bureau but it rates this site with the highest A+ grade. The reason for this is the credibility earned by the site over a long time frame while maintaining its standards. There have been no complaints against the site and sufficient information can be found out regarding this business. The site has been covered by various media outlets as well as online sites. The achievements of the site include notching a spot on the Travel + Leisure magazine’s “Top 60 Best Apps and Websites for Travelers”.

Cruise Compete: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows only two submitted reviews for the site and they rate Cruisecompete with five stars. The site has a global ranking of 103657 with 477 linked sites. Search engines refer to this site in 39 percent visits. The site has more than 1, 50,000 monthly visits and Google rank of this website is 5 out of 10.

Cruise Compete: Social Media Presence

Cruise control has a Facebook page with 4206 likes. Cruisecompete isn’t quite regular in terms of updating its Facebook page. The posts have sufficient time lags and only two or three posts in a particular month were found on the page. Cruisecompete has a twitter page with 5388 followers and a YouTube channel with 285 subscribers.

Cruise Compete: Website Security & Safety can be treated as a search engine and as such there isn’t much of a security threat on the site even though they don’t use a secure connection. The Google diagnostics page for the site confirms that there hasn’t been any malware or any kind of malicious software associated with the site in the last 90 days. The site is not listed as a suspicious site.

Cruise Compete: Pricing & Packages simply offers an opportunity to compare and select the best suited cruise or ship among the various available packages being provided by the travel agents against your quotes. So, the pricing varies significantly and the same isn’t related to the site. All prices are provided by third parties with no involvement on the part of Cruisecompete.

Cruise Compete: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicable for this company.

Cruise Compete: Payment Methods Accepted

Cruisecompete doesn’t list any sort of products. The company has a deal with travel agents and all the payments if any, have to be made to the desired agent only. Bookings aren’t provided on this site and this is the reason for absence of any kind of payment page. The site is completely free to use.

Cruise Compete: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Cruisecompete doesn’t get involved in any sort of buying activity since there is are no listings on the site. The site allows people to choose and book ships and cruises via third party trusted travel agents and any payments to be made are controlled by these parties not the site. Thus, there is no refund or any return policy of any sort on the site. : Product images & screenshots Coupons
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